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La torre costiera de La Pelosa, Stintino (SS) From national park of the Asinara to the Capo Caccia's reserve
The coming of spring is celebrated in Sassari with the Cavalcata Sarda (Sardinian Ride), a real living representation of the Sardinian folklore.
But the most important festivity to Sassari people, the "festha manna", is that of the Candelieri (Candlesticks), where the nine large candles move forward between dances and drums.

Castelsardo - Castello dei Doria Left the popular festivities, we go to Castelsardo, where, during a walk for the medieval alleys which climb as far as the Doria's Castle, you can easily meet the elderly women who with very able hands still intertwine the dwarf palm to create wonderful baskets. A similar charm has the women's work of Bosa who sittings at the door of their houses, along the roads, that from the village take as far as the Malaspina's Castle, make beautiful curtains and shawls worked to filet.

From castle to castle, it is impossible to choose between diving in the "caraybic" Stintino's sea, a excursion to the Asinara's Park - Island, a sunset points out on the rocks of Capo Caccia, a walk for the "catalan" town of Alghero, an archaeological visit to the nuragical village of Palmavera,
to the Neptune's Caves or drinking a glass's wine in the Sella&Mosca wine's cellars.
All the possible stages of this route become fixed!


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 Alghero (43)
 Argentiera (1)
 Campanedda (2)
 Fertilia (4)
 La Corte (1)
 Olmedo (5)
 Palmadula (1)
 Platamona (2)
 Porto Torres (2)
 Sassari (8)
 Stintino (4)
 Badesi (1)
 Castelsardo (6)
 Lu Bagnu (1)
 Sennori (1)
 Sorso (6)
 Valledoria (1)
 Banari (1)
 Codrongianos (1)
 Villanova Monteleone (1)
 Bosa (4)
 Tinnura (1)


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La Roccia dell´elefante - Courtesy of CCIAA Sassari  Alghero  Il villaggio nuragico di Palmavera - Courtesy of CCIAA Sassari

Castelsardo - Courtesy of CCIAA Sassari  Tenute Sella & Mosca - Courtesy of CCIAA Sassari  Bosa, il fiume Temo e le antiche concerie - Foto: MAGICA Servizi Informatici

Asinara, Cala Sant“Andrea - Courtesy of CCIAA Sassari  Cavalcata Sarda, donne in costume tradizionale - Courtesy of CCIAA Sassari  Alghero, Capo Caccia

Alghero, Capo Caccia - Foto: MAGICA Servizi Informatici  Alghero, Grotte di Nettuno - Foto: I.Puddu  Bosa, Barche sul fiume Temo - Foto: I.Puddu

Asinara, Cala Sabina - Foto: MAGICA Servizi Informatici  Gli asinelli bianchi dell“Asinara - Foto: MAGICA Servizi Informatici  Bosa, Il castello dei Malaspina


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